Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Q&A Thursday - Peony Alternatives

Q: I love Peonies but I just found out that they are not a good option for my October wedding because they are not in season and will be hard to come by. I'm a die-hard Peony Fan! Are there any flowers that are similar and more seasonal in the fall?

A: Many a fall bride is temporarily set back by her love affair with spring wedding flowers. There is so much inspiration from all seasons available with little reference to the season in which the wedding is taking place, and when a fall bride is doing a lot of her planning, it is usually in the spring - when the greatest selection of flowers is available, including the lovely peony. But there are big, cabbage-y alternatives - like Garden Roses.

If you are like many many brides that we work with, I know that you probably start off your flower story something like this, "I don't like roses." I understand the compulsion to rule them out, but such a statement is usually made about Standard Roses. But there are over 100 species of Roses! And there are probably 10 (I'm just making up the number...but it's a good variety for sure) types of garden roses that look like Peonies...there's even a breed called the Peony Rose.

To set up a little comparison, these are peonies...

Beautiful! I tell ya', I know it and plan on having as many Peonies at my wedding as my little budget will allow. But these are some Garden Roses...

They are nothing like the standard rose that many expect and object to – and they are absolutely beautiful with a similar full shape and number of petals. Maybe a little smaller, but available year round.

I think that is your best best to replace out-of-season peonies. Readers, can you think of another peony alternative?

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