Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Greener Wedding : Carbon Offset

I have said before, and will say it again now - it can be difficult to have a completely "green" wedding and if you do your best to be a responsible ambassador to the environment in your daily life you shouldn't beat yourself up over the transgressions incurred by your wedding. Do what you can, by all means, to make the most ecological decisions possible, and remember that the small things do make a difference. That said, I do like to share tips for greening your wedding when they are simple and significant. And it doesn't get more so than a little carbon-offsetting!

This is the basic gist: Global warming is caused by the release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere. Many of our daily and more wasteful activities leave these pollutants in their path - our "carbon footprint." You can calculate your carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of a business, even the carbon footprint of your wedding! By donating money to businesses and foundations that fund and/or research new, efficient technology, re-forestation and other processes that aim to reverse and slow the process of global warming, you are purchasing "carbon offsets" to make up for your part in pollution.

Carbonfund.org has made it easy for you to calculate your wedding's carbon footprint and offset it through a charitable donation. I used the tool and put in some realistic data for an imaginary wedding with 150 wedding guests, many of which will travel significant miles to attend, and it calculated only a little over $100 to offset the carbon footprint of the event. In the scope of a wedding budget, that is not much to ask!

Their mantra is such a good one to remember in everyday life and also when you're planning a wedding - Reduce what you can; offset what you can't.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tricia Huddas & Co. Real Savannah Wedding: Michele and David, Part 2

Michele and David's wedding ceremony was at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church on Wilmington Island. The excitement about the union, among arriving family and friends, was palpable. But I think everyone was really moved when Michele surprised everyone by walking down the aisle with her daughter, Alysha.

From the moment Michele and David were announced husband and wife, to the last song at their reception in the Garibaldi's Grande Ballroom, there was nothing but smiles from the bride and groom. Michele has called it "the most joyful day of her life." She deserved it, and I wish their new family lots of luck in Texas!

Tricia Huddas & Co. Real Savannah Wedding: Michele and David, Part 1

Michele and David were married on my birthday (early September, go Virgos)! From my first meeting with Michele on, I knew that I would be ok with working on my birthday. She was sweet, funny and getting married to David after 25 years of knowing one another! Their story gave me goosebumps. It's obviously a long story - taking place over the span of 25 years, practically a lifetime - so I can't share it all, but allow me to share my favorite tid-bit...
Michele and David were on the track team together in high school. As Michele tells it, Dave was a total "hottie" with a full head of bleach-blonde hair (it was the 80s). She had a huge crush on him and would pretend to swoon and faint into the arms of her girlfriends whenever he walked by. She still giggles like a teenager when she talks about it. Unfortunately, David's military family moved before Michele could make her high-school crush known. But, as you can see from their beautiful wedding photos below, she eventually got the guy!

The happy couple got together at the Avia Hotel for some daylight pictures with DVB Photography's Kelli Boyd before their 7:30pm wedding ceremony at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church on Wilmington Island. There wasn't a dry eye between Michele and all of her bridesmaids just in anticipation of their first meeting!

The pictures of David, and Michele and her daughter - Alysha - are especially touching. Dave has always been very involved in Alysha's life, so it was so special to make their new family official.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tricia Huddas & Co. Real Jekyll Island Wedding: Cara & Tommy, Part 2

We gave you a sneak peak into Cara and Tommy’s Jekyll Island wedding a few weeks ago – but here are some of the great details from the weekend.

When Cara called us, she honestly didn’t feel that she had the time to plan her dream wedding. She is a busy professional and Tommy was your average guy – not super interested in all of the details that go into planning a wedding. We happily stepped in to help bring Cara's ideas and to fruition.

Cara had booked the Jekyll Island Beachview Club for both her ceremony and reception. The ceremony was to take place outdoors, below the wind blown oaks on the club's property – a breathtaking setting overlooking the ocean. Unfortunately the weather had other plans, and we had to relocate it to the reception tent –but they happy and easy-going couple rolled with mother nature's punches, with a firm grasp on what this day was really about - the two of them!

Cara and Tommy were true to their home state of North Carolina, incorporating the Carolina Blue into the wedding quite a bit. The bridesmaids wore beautiful Carolina Blue dresses by Pricilla of Boston, while the groom and company accesorized their khaki suits with Carolina Blue vests and ties.

And the groom's cake featured, of course, the face of the Carolina Wolf Pack!

The evening was filled with delicious food, touching toasts and a filled dance floor!

And, fortunately, the weather cleared up long enough for Brooke Roberts, their photographer, to get them out on the beach for some beautiful shots together.

Monday, November 2, 2009


...I will be sharing pictures from a real Savannah wedding photographed by DVB Photography's Kelli Boyd. In the process of picking which shots to share, I decided I had to stop and post this shot to preview the post because of what it so perfectly captures - anticipation!

Fall Issue - Martha Stewart Weddings

If you have not had the chance to buy your own copy of the Fall 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, take a look at the images of our work below.

Cover Page: photography by earl carter/martha stewart weddings fall 2009

Southern Comfort: photography by tara donne/martha stewart weddings fall 2009

Go and buy the issue for a better look - it is filled with wonderful articles, ideas and information!

Also, check out Grace's blog - Design*Sponge for all the details about her wedding. She did a five day post about all the local vendors and the wedding from her perspective.

Part One
Part Two
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Thank you to Grace and Aaron - you two were a pleasure to work with!!