Friday, July 3, 2009

Tricia Huddas & Co. Real Savannah Wedding: Toni and Brent, Part 1

In honor of our Independence Day, I have saved this real Savannah wedding to post for your 4th of July Weekend! Toni and Brent, a beautiful and fun-loving couple, were actually married last November. Brent, is an officer in the Army, and our hats go off to him and all who unselfishly serve our country! That is to you too Chris - Ainsley's husband who is also in the Army.

I was lucky to have Toni as my first official “Tricia Huddas & Co.” wedding! Almost two years ago I made the leap to go out on my own after working for another company for a few years and Toni was ready to be my first official client! She is stunning, and a Reese Witherspoon look-a-like, don't you think?

Toni was on her own for most of the planning, as it was done while Brent served time in Iraq. A difficult time for Toni, excited to be engaged and planning a wedding, yet constantly on pins and needles as her fiancée was overseas serving our country. She was lucky to have a very devoted mother, who was there every step of the way to help her only daughter through the planning!

Flowers by John Davis, Ceremony at Wesley Monumental Church, and the photography is by the ever impressive Donna Von Bruening and Kelli Boyd of DVB Photography!

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