Monday, July 27, 2009

Excuses and Excitement!

Your Daily Wed has surely been a daily disappointment lately! Big time apologies to all of our loyal readers. A busy July, and fully-booked Fall right around the corner, have kept us on our toes recently with little time for blogging. But that means, of course, that we have a lot to share. So stay tuned.

But nothing could keep us from taking just a moment to share a little family picture of us and a very special bride - our very own Jackie! She was a stunning bride, and her wedding was rich with the humor, energy and love that she exudes in all that she does. Jackie is so comfortable in her own skin, that she is just fun to watch, and had all of her vendors saying to each other - all night - "I love her!" Including us - we love you, Jackie! Have an amazing time in St. Maarten with Matt.

Sneak a peak at more images from Jackie's wedding on her Florist's and Photographer's blogs!

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  1. Ahhhh tricia huddas and clones! ;) I love working with yall even if you do only hire brunettes!