Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Savannah Wedding Style - Invitation by Milkmaid Press

As a native of the Northeast, who has lived on the West coast, and now finds herself at home in the South, I am endlessly fascinated with the associations that people make with different regions of the country. Many of them are obvious and quite fitting - it rains a lot in Seattle. A lot of them revolve around food - the Philadelphia Cheesesteak. And once in a while I find myself getting frustrated by the over-simplification that is involved in conjuring up these associations - the South does have a lot of pride in tradition, but innovation and creativity also abounds here, y'all.

That said, when I find something wedding-related that invokes Savannah, I am always interested to see if I think the association fits. I stumbled upon Milkmaid Press when I was cruising around the web for interesting wedding invitations and found their Savannah invitation.

...and it made me happy how it really does invoke this charming little city, without being obvious! The scroll work and viney design takes me right to the entrances of many a historic garden, or neighborhood porch in Savannah - some of the most magical spots in Savannah.

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