Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tricia Huddas & Co. Real Savannah Wedding: Roya and JB, Part 4

Roya and JB's wedding reception was one for the books! From the moment the band, Squat, started playing, the guests were dancing! I think that the Pink House was a little worried that the guests would never sit down – I finally just told them to start serving the food, and the guests would eat when they were hungry!

Again, Persian elements were pulled into the reception. Roya’s mother, Soraya came to town early that week and spent the week cooking with the Pink House chef to teach him how to cook the Shirin Polo (a Persian Sweet rice) that was served to each guest. She also had special Persian cookies and sweets flown in for the celebration.

I was warned that I was welcome to make a timeline for the night, but the Persians would be on their own timeline – and I am glad they were. Once the reception began, all involved just went with the flow. Even when the band would take a break, the Persian music would begin and dancing would continue un-interrupted.

The young, beautiful Persian women danced for JB as he tried to pay them for the knife to cut the cake - a very fun tradition made even more comical, I believe, by this particular group!

Let’s just hope that JB does not publish the pictures that were taken with his own camera, set up as a photo booth. Because I am pretty sure that most of them are of Christine Hall and myself having fun while the guests were eating! The couple’s personalities and cultures completely merged together during both the ceremony and the reception. Cheers to Roya and JB, and to your beautiful futures!

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