Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Q&A Thursday - Expecting the Worst?

For this week's Q&A Thursday I thought I'd address the question that nearly everyone - friends, family, brides, grooms, random strangers - asks us...

Q: What is the worst thing that has ever happened at a wedding?!

A: Really? I am a wedding planner, I work for people leading up to, and on, one of the most special days of their lives; and you want to know about disasters, meltdowns, fights and the other wedding-day crises that "reality" shows like Bridezillas would have you believe are commonplace. Humph....

I understand the question from a bride, during an initial meeting, to some extent - it is an interview and she is testing your experience, problem-solving skills, etc. But even in that situation, it is still a reflection of the doom and gloom that has settled into the wedding industry - which is sad. Sad-face-icon-sad :( Where did this expectation of stress and turmoil come from?

Guess what?! Not every wedding goes exactly as planned, but they are all wonderful! And they are as happy an occasion as the couple getting married. What do you have to compare it to? And are you going to sit down the next day, go over notes, and decide how to make it better the next time? Relax and enjoy!

"If that's the case," you ask, "why do I need a wedding planner or coordinator?"

Well, I don't think I can even begin to answer that without getting too wordy for a blog entry. But I will say that any planner, or wedding vendor, who is appealing to you in the capacity of damage control, is doing you and the entire wedding industry a huge disservice.

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