Friday, June 5, 2009

Jackie's Wedding Planning Journey - Choosing wedding vows

This past week I have been working on getting my wedding ceremony together, making programs, and finalizing details. We are getting married at First Presbyterian Church in Savannah, where I am a member. Here's a picture of First Presbyterian from 98 Productions' blog. Pretty, right?

In preparation for a meeting with the minister who is conducting our ceremony, Rev. Andy Meeker, Matt and I sat down to review the mock ceremony and variety of vows, charges, prayers, and so on, that we can choose from. Who knew there were so many options for a Presbyterian ceremony?! I know that people write their own vows, or make changes here and there to the traditional set, but I figured there was one standard set that most people use. I was so wrong.

But I'm glad there were so many because Matt and I had a lot of fun reading over them and almost practicing by reading them to each other as we culled through the options. Discussing the differences in each set of vows and which suited us both the best was a true bonding experience - I even shed a tear or two.

How did you go about choosing your vows? Did you stick with traditional, write your own, or something in between?

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