Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paint Chip Place Cards

I'm a big fan of Real Simple Magazine. It's the only magazine that I actually save apart from bridal magazines for work. The recipes are simple (duh) and delicious and each issue is chock full of great ideas. They always feature New Uses for Old Things, and the new issue had one that I thought would interest brides.

Behold, Paint Chip Place Cards!

I have been a fan of the hardware store paint section as a source of wedding color inspiration for a while now, and Tricia is currently toting around her wedding's color scheme in the form of paint chips she picked out while she was supposed to be choosing colors for her new home. So this idea is naturally appealing to me. They certainly aren't formal; but I would say they are modern and, of course, inexpensive place card alternatives. They would have been perfect for a couple that I know who has their own business flipping houses! They always had paint chips around - in every drawer, in his car, in her purse - so it would have been a cute little joke that most people would have understood as part of their wedding.

If you had, as they say on the description above, a "technicolor" wedding palette, you could make each table a different color family.... Ohh, so many ideas from this one page in a magazine!

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