Friday, June 19, 2009

Jackie's Wedding Planning Journey- Fascinators!

And now...for this week's topic...The Fascinator! If you have not heard of it, do not be ashamed. I hadn't either before I started researching this.

It started out after I had just made an appointment for my wedding day hair and make-up trial run. I am so excited to get together with Jenny, from Hair Comes the Bride, and play but I am so torn as far as what I think I should do with my hair. Up? Down? Hair piece? These questions have consumed my week!

Thank goodness for my Matron of Honor. She recently returned from another wedding in Florida and brought back some great ideas for hair. The bride had her hair curled and lightly pined up in the back. After the ceremony she removed her veil and her maids took out the pins. The curls were still in tact and she had what the bridesmaids dubbed the "fascinator"....a big white flower that her mother crafted out of fabric...that she pinned in her hair for the reception. I love the idea of having my hair up for the ceremony, and then letting it down for the reception - with, perhaps, the addition of a "fascinator" of some sort.

So began my research on fascinators! They are hair pieces of all different shapes and sizes, and can be made from almost any fabric. You can find them in any color to match your wedding or just look for traditional white or ivory. Etsy - everyone's favorite online purveyor of handmade goods - is a great place to start, as I found more than my fair share of fascinators in a variety of price ranges. I am still not sure if I could pull off such an accessory, but it is definitely something I am thinking about.

A white or ivory option might be good if I choose to fascinate at both the ceremony and reception...

Twigs & Honey

But if I decide to add my fascinator after the ceremony, maybe I should go with something more bright and funky that matches my wedding reception color scheme?

Are you considering a "fascinator" or special hair piece for your wedding day, or playing around with the idea of a hair change between your wedding ceremony and reception?


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