Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Two-Week Wedding - Part Two

Part one of The Two-Week Wedding

The next week was a whirlwind for Lauren as she had to make decisions on the fly - decisions that she had already thoughtfully made in the past year of planning! She had to put a lot of faith in us as professionals, trusting that we understood her vision and were committed to making it a reality.

Guest hotel blocks were made near the old venue, greatly increasing the distance that guests would have to travel to and from the venue. In order to not inconvenience Lauren and Ian's guests, we needed transportation between the lodging and the venue. Both of the trolley companies in Savannah were fully booked - but they were still able to each squeeze us in and between the two we covered guests' transportation.

The Harper Fowlkes House is a house museum, so all of the structural "wedding venue" elements - tables, chairs, linens, dishes, etc - needed to be rented. Kendall and her crew at Savannah Special Events were there for us, as always, to bring that base structure to the house. Since the new ceremony venue was much different from the original, we had to reconfigure the floral decor. In Savannah, flowers are ordered two weeks out from the wedding date, so there was no option to change the order. But Lauren's florist, A to Zinnias, were able to re-work the flowers that were already ordered to fit the new setup.

After squeezing and re-distributing...calling in favors and crossing fingers...the wedding began with a beautiful ceremony in the house's classic backyard courtyard. Lauren and her father were both fighting back tears as they stepped out of the house to see her groom, family and friends! Lauren and Ian were married by the bride's Uncle in a touching ceremony that left not a dry eye in the house!

Including ours...but we had no time to dwell in the perfection of the moment because once the wedding party and guests had moved indoors for cocktail hour in the house we had to transform the courtyard yet again for the reception...

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