Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Two-Week Wedding - Part Three

Time to wrap up the Two-Week Wedding series....it's taking us about as long to blog about it as plan and execute it. If you need a refresher: Part One, Part Two.

As the ceremony was going on, we literally had Cape Creations Catering hiding in the Carriage House prepping and readying themselves for the cocktail hour. Savannah Special Events, A to Zinnias Event Florist and Savannah Custom Cakes were waiting on the sidewalk for us to clear the guests and begin load in. Once the last guessed exited the courtyard for an indoor cocktail hour, a detailed and well-planned one hour turn over ensued. As our crew moved chairs, and loaded in tables, linens were placed, flowers, candles and food stations were set up. We all just pitched in together and really transformed the space. As with any event, there are always hiccups - but before we could say, "oh my! we are short two linens," Robert from Savannah Special Events was already in his truck and on the way to the warehouse to grab them!
As the sun was setting, the final glass of water was placed and the guests stepped out into a magically transformed space. They had no idea that they would return to the courtyard for dinner – honestly, we are not sure what they thought, but were excited to see their faces as they all walked out to the courtyard.

We could not have asked for a better evening – being that this was November and the weather could be 80 or 50 degrees! We lucked out somewhere in the middle.

After the Bride and Groom were announced into their reception and enjoyed their first dance, the Bride's parents stepped up to the mic to welcome their guests to their daughters wedding. Her father made note of the last two weeks in a lighthearted toast to his wife and daughter and thanked all involved in making this the wedding that his daughter had always dreamed of.

The evening progressed, guests ate, drank and danced – and no one would have suspected that this was not the wedding that was planned from day one. The bride, groom and parents were wonderful to work with! This is never a situation that anyone should have to go through –but if you should happen to find yourself in a situation such as this, feel free to give us a call and we will pull together your event with style and grace!

Cheers to Lauren and Ian!

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