Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Low Country Boil...cake!

The universe is strongly urging me to cook a low country boil. I was craving the delicious Savannah delicacy all weekend - probably because it was so hot out. And then there were just LCB's everywhere! On my Mansion bride's dinner menu, catering quotes coming in for a November wedding's Low Country Boil welcome party...really everywhere, I couldn't name all of the appearances.

I thought I'd gotten away from that sneaky pot of deliciousness (I always feel like...the LCB's Waatching meeEEE!) and decided it's been too long since I've peeked at Custom Cakes' blog to see what's new and happenin' in the sweets department...

It's a Low Country Boil GROOM's CAKE! An amazing one at that...check out Minette's actual post for a funny story on how that smudge came to be on the bottom left hand corner.

Ugh, now I'm craving Low Country Boil AND velvet with cream cheese icing...argh...

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