Thursday, April 16, 2009

Q&A Thursday Teaser...

We're going slightly off-topic with today's Q&A Thursday, which will be posted later this morning. But here's a related anecdote...

I was in Washington D.C. this weekend for a friend's Bachelorette weekend. We had a lot of fun with a great group of girls - many I knew from college, but also some new friends of hers from graduate school and work in D.C. At dinner I was seated across from one of the graduate school ladies, and we were talking about how she'd just set a date for her wedding. Another one of my friends overheard our conversation and jumped in with, "Wait, did you get engaged at the inauguration? Were you on TV?"

Sure enough, yes and yes. Here is the story from the Baltimore Sun. Apparently they were also interviewed on several national news broadcasts, though I can't find those videos anywhere! What a plan, huh? To have the inaugural committee invested in your proposal like that... I guess it paid off in a really special experience for both of them!

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