Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Well-Documented Wedding

I am enamored of Jewish Wedding Traditions...little bit o' wasp jealousy over here! They have meaning that translates beyond religion and are, of course, visually memorable as well.

I am always so excited during set-up of a Jewish wedding ceremony when I see the Ketubah, and always stop and wonder at them in the homes of my Jewish friends. It's amazing to me that a document that was once the equivalent of a pre-nuptial agreement has evolved over time to become not only a religious contract (though the Orthodox community still uses the traditional language exclusively) but also of a declaration of hopes and expectations the couple has for their marriage - similar to the vows they take - that can be looked back at throughout their marriage. It can serve as a daily reminder of your wedding, and what your feelings were at the time.

I guess I could watch my wedding video every day, but I'd much rather have a lovely piece of artwork (possibly the first piece you and your other half decide on together as a couple!) hanging in my dining room or foyer as a reminder of my vows.

There are a ton of really beautiful online Ketubah stores. Here are a few lovely Ketubot (love the plural).

Blossom by Ruth Rudin

A Kaleidoscope of Love

Now looking again at my selections above, I have to laugh a little because if my husband and I were picking these out together, there's NO WAY he'd go for all of the pink...I guess I'm just thinkin' pink today!

Would you use, or have you used, a Ketubah in your non-Jewish wedding ceremony?

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