Friday, March 13, 2009

Cocktail Hour - Complete the picture with Live Music by Trae Gurley

The cocktail hour between the wedding ceremony and wedding reception is really when a lot of your wedding design and theme comes to a head. This is the time when most of your guests will be taking their turn at your guest book or the fun and creative guest book alternative that you have dreamed up, and poring over the hand-calligraphered escort cards or seating chart that you could not pass up once you saw them on your favorite wedding blog. They may be sipping the signature cocktails that you chose to represent special times in your relationship - perhaps peach mojitos in honor your current home in Savannah, and Manhattans as a tribute to the city where you met in your first year out of college.

But what are they listening to? After all, the band or DJ is shut away in the ballroom, where water glasses are being filled and finishing touches are being made to the reception decor to ensure that everything is just right for the big reveal to come. So much of your wedding planning has funneled into the impression made at this transitional hour of the day, a great musical act will complete the picture.

Enter Trae Gurley, Savannah's one-man Frank Sinatra cover band. His amazing voice and star quality will charm your guests as they pause to wonder, "Is that really him singing?" Gurley's swanky, live performance will let guests know that they are definitely not just captive in a pre-reception holding pattern - the party has already started and - as Trae will remind them - the best is yet to come.

Visit his web site to download MP3s of his performances. Or, if you are in or visiting Savannah, stop by Jazz'd Tapas Bar any Thursday, between 7:30pm and 11:00pm, to hear a live performance.

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