Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guestbooks, continued

Say "Cheese!"
I love it when my brides use a Polaroid guest book. The Polaroid camera is on the guest book table, and guests are instructed to have someone take their picture. The pictures are then secured in a guestbook, where there is also room for name signage (record of attendance: check!) and well wishing. A polaroid guestbook is not only a fun album to look back at over the years, but also a great way to break the ice during cocktail hour. Have an outgoing friend or two walk around and snap the pictures of your guests and their dates, or families and remind them to take it to the guest book to sign!

Adesso Albums offers pre-made polaroid guest books as well as packages including the camera and polaroid film.

Wish Tree
The Wish Tree is another creative guest book solution that is taken from a Dutch tradition. Small paper tags are provided for your guests, who are asked to write a wish for your future and then hang the tag on a small tree. The wish tree becomes a beautiful decorative feature of your wedding for the evening, after which you can preserve the wishes in any way you choose. If you plan on making a wedding scrapbook, you can include the wish cards throughout.

I recently worked with a couple who used ceramic Christmas ornaments instead of paper tags. Guests wrote their wishes using special paint markers and hung them on a small Christmas tree. After the wedding, all of the ornaments were glazed, and will adorn the couple's Christmas tree every year, truly guaranteeing that the hopeful sentiments of their wedding guests will be with them always.

Check out this great Wish Tree from Here Comes the Guide, I am doing a similar one in a few weeks and I will be sure to take some pictures to show you the outcome!

READERS: Are you using a traditional guest book or a new creative guest book solution? Do you know of any other original guest book suggestions or traditions?

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