Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cead Mile Failte!

100,000 Welcomes!

I have started my great assembly line of March wedding welcome/hospitality bags and wanted to share with you some of the original welcome bag ideas that my brides are employing over the next month. Welcome bags are customary for all guests of destination weddings, or for only guests that have traveled from out of town for others. Typically they are ready and waiting for your guests at their hotel, either in their room or at the front desk upon check-in, and are a very thoughtful way of giving your guests a sincere Thank you for traveling to join us on our special day!

I love it when my brides really put time and thought into their welcome bags as it truly shows that they are thinking about their guests. They realize that the wedding isn’t all about them, but rather a celebrations of their loved ones gathering to share in this special time. I am currently assembling two different welcome bags for two different March Savannah weddings.

This weekend my beautiful bride and her soon-to-be are going with a classic Savannah style welcome bag, with a touch of St. Patrick’s Day swag in honor of the holiday that takes on a whole new form of popularity here in Savannah. I hope that her amazing photographer will share some of her pictures next week so we can post! They are including the classics - a couple bottles of water, a Savannah Travel Planner, a custom welcome note that we have helped them to prepare, Savannah Pralines from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, Byrd Cookie Company Georgia Peach Cookies (yum!), a small bag of chips and Green Mardi Gras beads - a St.Pat's Day staple that guests will need in order to fit in with all of the other tourists that are making the pilgrimage to Savannah over the coming days for next week's big parade (second biggest in the country). That is a great combination - something sweet, something salty, water, and a few personal touches.

My other March bride has been working on her welcome bags for a year to make them very personal and reflective of her wedding day!

Included in her burlap welcome bag are individual packages of candy that honor their loved ones who can not join them on their special day - Jelly Belly's for gramps and licorice for Nanna; tea from their favorite NYC neighborhood shop; Persian Pistachios from the bride's mother’s native Iran; a bottle of Sweet Tea; a bottle of coke with an Obama bottle opener around the neck; and small bag of Savannah Bee Company goodies!

She took the best advice that we can pass on to anyone on a budget and kept her eye out for good holiday clearance sales! She was able to snag enough travel-size Savannah Bee Company lotions, lip balms, and body washes at a post-holiday sale at a Bath and Body Works to stock 75 gift bags working within a very realistic budget!

I am packing up all of the items in green tissue paper and burlap bags, tying them with a green ribbon, and adding on a personal welcome note and map of Savannah. Don’t they look great?

Are you doing a welcome bag? If so, what are you putting in it?

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