Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Custom Wedding Shoes

We are busy little bees as of late here at Tricia Huddas & Co. with lots to blog about, but nary a free block of time to give any of it justice. I hate to just swipe something from another blog and write a post about it, but even with all of the other things going on in my head recently, I can't get these shoes out of my head!!

I was mindlessly scrolling through my google reader when I saw this Weddingbee Pro Post by Chelsea Petaja of Oh My Deer. She is an accessories designer whose work I had only seen in the hair accessory genre until I stumbled up this fantastic footwear!

Let's be honest, the bridal blogs are giving some serious attention to dreamy, accessorized, designer shoes (guilty, who can help it, they're so pretty); but can most brides afford an $800 pair of shoes? No, not even as a "splurge." Chelsea has given us a great way to get the look without the loot. Thanks!

By the way, I think that custom shoes would be the best bridesmaid gift a girl could receive...get your girls the same shoes and have Chelsea create a different look for each maid!

Stay tuned this week for discounted wedding stationery and the introduction of a new guest blogger.

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