Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Q&A Thursday: Reception Seating Charts

Q: Since I am having assigned seating at my wedding and already using place cards at the tables, won't escort cards be a little bit redundant?

A: Well, yes, I guess so! There is a lot of redundancy in formal wedding etiquette that is based in practicality, but seems less so over time. The escort card vs. place card redundancy, however, serves a very clear purpose - one card tells guests at which table they will sit, the other designates the exact seat at said table. That said, you can mix it up a little bit on the escort end of the seating direction by using a seating chart in lieu of escort cards.

The seating chart can be as simple as a list of guests' names, in alphabetical order, with corresponding table numbers beside each guest's name - sort of like a guest "index," displayed in large format where escort cards would normally be set out (entrance to the ballroom, display at cocktail hour, etc.). The list can be accompanied by a diagram of the reception, so that guests can easily find the location of their assigned table, or any variation of those two general features.

Here is a beautiful seating chart from Laura Hooper Calligraphy.

I also adore this chalkboard seating chart featured on Style Me Pretty. It not only looks neat, but also allows for last-minute changes! Who doesn't appreciate a little bit of flexibility?!...looks like those devastatingly-hip man-guests sure do...

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