Friday, January 22, 2010

No rules...Rules.

This wedding, featured on the Southern Weddings blog, shot by wedding photographer Meg Perotti, is definitely the coolest wedding I've seen ever. Lately I've been watching too much Say Yes to the Dress and maybe getting a little bit of wedding overload (yeah, yeah, yeah...sue me) - and I just keep thinking, "you all look the same! Why do you want to look the same?!" And even when there's effort made to give bridesmaids choices and mix things up, it always involves coordination and compromise and the effort is visible (not a complaint).

But this bride clearly gave her bridesmaids no rules, and they all look great individually and as a group. Maybe you don't agree, but I find it refreshing. And the bouquets! Go to the photographer's blog post for a good look at all of them. The bride just picked flowers she liked, made bouquets and let the bridesmaids pick their fave! Amazing.

Have a great weekend!

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