Monday, February 23, 2009

Talking about money...

Talking. About. Money. It's something that you are told never to do in social situations...among mixed cetera. But planning a wedding is not a "social situation." You may get confused because we wedding professionals are so incredibly nice and friendly and should be making you feel at ease. Nevertheless, we are in the wedding business and understand that, as with any "project" or "initiative" there is a budget for your wedding, and that budgets differ greatly from one wedding to the next. There is a lot of advice (great advice even) out there on how to tactfully negotiate with vendors, work on a small budget, divide and conquer costs with parents/future in-laws...and so on and so forth as far as financial subjects can go. But when I came upon this post by Monica Rae Gill of The White Box of Wedding Design, I thought, "this is important and well said." And that, in my opinion, is the highest praise there is for a blog post! Her message - be forthright with your budget. No one can read your mind, and no one is judging you. Words like "expensive" and "affordable" are subjective and mean nothing without the raw numbers of your personal wedding budget attached to them. So go ahead and talk about money with your wedding vendors, talk honestly about it. I think you'll find it liberating and it will open more doors than it will close!

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