Thursday, February 19, 2009

Q&A Thursday: Vegetarian Options

Q: Do I have to provide a vegetarian option for my guests? I may have a couple of guests attending my wedding that are vegetarians and I am not sure if I have to provide a menu for them that is separate from the rest of the guests.

A: It is always a good idea to provide a vegetarian option for your guests, and absolutely necessary in the case that you know of a few guests who are vegetarian. Today more and more people are staying away from red meats and trying the vegetarian lifestyle. Some people don’t eat meat, but still eat fish, and some people don’t eat pork, but eat other types of meat – so how do you keep up with all of this?

I always suggest having a non-meat/non-fish option available for guests should they have that dietary preference, and it won't require bending over backwards. Ask your caterer or venue how they prefer you offer the option - as a simple "vegetarian" check-box option on your reception reply card that leaves the choice to the chef, or do they have a number of vegetarian options that you can choose from to add as an additional food choice for all guests. A professional caterer or reception venue should be used to this request and have a standard vegetarian option that they offer without charging you more for an additional entree offering, and is most likely able to whip something up in the case of a last-minute dietary request. You can not account for every guest's tastes and preferences, but you will have done your part as a good host by providing at least one option for guests who may have alternative dietary requirements. After all, you have invited these guests to share in your day and you want everyone to have a great time!

Isn't this vegan Eggplant Napolean beautiful? I'd be proud to offer this at my wedding!

READERS: What has your experience been with vegetarian and dietary restriction options? Do you think that we are right or wrong in our advice? Have you run problems or seen any solutions to the guests' dietary issues and preferences that you thought were really stand-out?

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  1. i'd want to be a guest if you were serving this at your wedding.

    i think you're right to offer something for everyone. it's only fair to your vegetarian guests that they be able to eat that afternoon or evening.