Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Greener Wedding : Carbon Offset

I have said before, and will say it again now - it can be difficult to have a completely "green" wedding and if you do your best to be a responsible ambassador to the environment in your daily life you shouldn't beat yourself up over the transgressions incurred by your wedding. Do what you can, by all means, to make the most ecological decisions possible, and remember that the small things do make a difference. That said, I do like to share tips for greening your wedding when they are simple and significant. And it doesn't get more so than a little carbon-offsetting!

This is the basic gist: Global warming is caused by the release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere. Many of our daily and more wasteful activities leave these pollutants in their path - our "carbon footprint." You can calculate your carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of a business, even the carbon footprint of your wedding! By donating money to businesses and foundations that fund and/or research new, efficient technology, re-forestation and other processes that aim to reverse and slow the process of global warming, you are purchasing "carbon offsets" to make up for your part in pollution.

Carbonfund.org has made it easy for you to calculate your wedding's carbon footprint and offset it through a charitable donation. I used the tool and put in some realistic data for an imaginary wedding with 150 wedding guests, many of which will travel significant miles to attend, and it calculated only a little over $100 to offset the carbon footprint of the event. In the scope of a wedding budget, that is not much to ask!

Their mantra is such a good one to remember in everyday life and also when you're planning a wedding - Reduce what you can; offset what you can't.

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