Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Charm of Classic Wedding Stationery

I think that a lot of brides actually become overwhelmed with all of the ideas and options presented to them by wedding web sites and blogs. I know that I would! How do you decide what you want for your wedding when you like so many different styles, colors, motifs, printing methods....it can be a bear.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of sitting down with a June bride and her mother to look at stationery for her Savannah wedding. She knew what she wanted as soon as she saw it in the first book we looked through, and I just love it. A classic invitation will never go out of style and I think think that this White Dots Invitation by William Arthur is so perfect. Beautiful script keeps it traditional, and the dotted embossed border adds interest and some fun.

Do you think that the classic is too easily confused with boring? I do. But don't be confused about this bride - her thank you notes are crimson.

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