Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Symmetry be *darned* in 2009

I'm a symmetry gal. I would never get a tattoo, because I change my mind way too often to be eternally happy with permanent body art. If, however, I had to get a tattoo I would most certainly get it in the middle of my back OR I'd have to get two - one on each side of my body. It drives me absolutely crazy when I see someone with a tattoo, say, on their ankle. Don't they realize, I ponder, that they are permanently off balance?

But a less permanent form of asymmetry has really caught my eye recently in the Spring 2009 wedding gown lines of a number of designers. The one-shouldered gown is all over the place! We've always seen it here or there, a nod to "old Hollywood." But so it goes that everything old is new again. Which is not to say it's the same "goddess" look over and over again. The styles I see are really innovative - whether it's structured bodice giving way to a sculptural shoulder piece or a beaded bust line continuing as a strap.

They say the human brain equates symmetry with beauty, but I don't think it would have a problem with any of these dresses...

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Left to Right from the Top: Priscilla of Boston, Priscilla of Boston, Vineyard, Vineyard, Reverie, Jenny Yoo, Ramona Keveza, Ramona Keveza, Ramona Keveza, Anne Barge, Anne Barge

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