Thursday, January 29, 2009

Q&A Thursday!

Your Daily Wed has decided to dedicate Thursday to your questions! We welcome any and all wedding related questions that you have been dying to ask - like what is a great Savannah inspired wedding favor, what is proper attire for an outdoor wedding, can I request that my guests wear a certain color, etc. Please send your questions to and we will do our best to answer as many questions as we can every Thursday!

Here is one straight from a current client:

Q: One of my groomsmen emailed and asked if he can wear his own tux, which is a pretty standard black tux, similar to the ones I'm having my groomsmen rent. The women in my family all said NO resoundingly, but it seems to me that he could as long as he still rents our cream-colored shirt, our cream-colored vest, wears the green bow-tie I give him etc. Would be nice to let him save the money if it’s not something that is going to be very noticeable. Do you have any advice here?”


A:Dear JBR,

What I suggest is having your groomsman take his tux to the shop where you are renting and look at it next to the one the other groomsmen are wearing. If it has the same amount of buttons, very similar in style, etc., and you really can't tell too much in person, you will not be able to tell in pictures. That said, he would have to rent/wear the other items - shirt, shirt buttons, vest, tie - that the rest of the gents will be wearing. While standard styles are included in the rental of the actual tux, the price of all of these little rentals, on their own, is sometimes marked up. If the charges for all of those little rentals starts adding up, and if he adds the cost of dry cleaning his own duds, he may decide it's worth it to just rent. So, there are those few things to consider, but your groomsman's suggestion is not uncommon. We have seen as many weddings in which each groomsman wears his own tux or suit, as we've seen with coordinated rentals, and it goes more or less unnoticed in person and it pictures.

Keep the questions coming!

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