Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Classy Bachelorette

Gone are the days when the words “bachelorette party” only incurs images of excessive drinking and inappropriate accessories. I recently planned bachelorette festivities for one of my best friends, and I was happily pleased to find a wealth of ideas for fun activities that wouldn’t embarrass the bride (or everyone with her!) that would still be a unique event she will always remember.  As you begin working on your plans, think about what the bride enjoys and how she would like to spend time with her friends. After all, the day is about her! Whether it’s one night or an entire weekend with the girls, bachelorette parties are meant to bring everyone together and shower the bachelorette with love and good wishes before she begins a new life with her husband.  And maybe showering her with presents too...
Some unique ideas to get you started:
Host a spa day. Why not get everyone together for manicures, pedicures, facials or massages? To save some money at my friend’s bachelorette, we paid a family friend who is also a masseuse to come over for 2-3 hours and give “mini-massages” to everyone, which was a big hit. Head out to a spa for a full day, half day, or do-it-yourself at home - you don't have to bust your budget for a day of relaxation.
Attention Foodies! Attend a cooking class or make dinner together (if you have a smaller group). Pick a theme the bride would love - french food, fondue, comfort food, anything would work - and enjoy a good meal with great friends.
Like wine? Visit a winery for the day, or look into how much it would be to hire a sommelier for a few hours to come over for a professional wine tasting. Serve cheese, bread, and fresh fruit as appetizers. Play games and give away bottles of wine as prizes, or head out to your favorite restaurant in town and test your new knowledge.
Out on the town. Bring your group to a comedy club and call ahead to see if they can make the bride the center of attention (if she's up for it!). Dance studios sometimes offer “girls night out” packages for a bride who would love to learn to salsa....or maybe some more risqué moves! Even just renting a limo for the night to take you around can be the most fun part.
Tea, anyone? Host a fancy tea party and show off your backyard, or go to a real tea room. A lady-like bride would love the opportunity to show off her new hat and share finger sandwiches, petit fours, and scones with her besties.  A friend of mine once made homemade tea bags as the favor for a bridal shower, and everyone loved them!

If you want to stay in, hiring a professional for a few hours could be tons of fun.  A cook, a masseuse, a tarot card reader, card dealer (why not bring Vegas to your living room?), dance instructor - just let the bride blow off some stress of planning the big day and have fun!

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